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How To Buy The Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure

Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure With Collector Button
November 17, 2013

Do you need to get hold of a Superman action figure? Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure brought to you by Mattel is a good Superman action figure. We were speaking to my close friend Reginald with regards to the figure for my kids who are 7 and a toddler red Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure and this is what he had to say. The product number for this is V4893. Soon after checking it for some other figures it's not awful. Now I was able to get reviews about the Superman action figure.

These Superman action figures is available in red. The manufacturer is Mattel, which makes outstanding figure for the kids. They shipped this product sometime in 2013. One of the many major features is the featuring characters from the entire dc universe. Additional features include highly detailed and 6" in scale and classically styled dc comics figures. Its dimensions are 10″ by 7.5″ by 3″. The warranty these figures come with is, y.

The best price for the Dc Universe Classic is $14.99, in addition handling and shipping costs. How to buy the Dc Universe Classic Superman Figure. For the greatest deal for this Superman action figure together with other products, check out our partners via the link below.

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